You do not always have to carry fully packaged products. High volume pallet boxes are known as an ideal solution for safe storage and convenient transportation of products such as vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and small parts or bulk goods. They are primarily used in the food industry, agriculture or industrial production. Another advantage is that they adapt very well to automatic transmission systems.

Additional information


1200x780x630 mm

Box Type

Solid Walls

Static Load

Less Than 1 Ton

Dynamic Load

250 kg

Loading Q’ty Ix40’ft HC

450 Pcs



Technical Specifications

  • Capability of being stackable and nestable
  • The loading and maintenance products for health, safety, fast and easy
  • Ability to use of forklifts, Reach truck and hand jack
  • Curved corners to prevent slip-column layout
  • Environmentally in comparison with Wooden Box pallets
  • Long life in comparison with steel Box pallets
  • Very low weight in comparison with steel Box pallets
  • Washable and disinfection
  • Water-resistant, resistant to environmental pollutants and corrosive chemicals
  • The capability to produce in different colors
  • Tolerance temperature of -30 to +40 degrees C.
Category Name Art No. Material NW* (kg) Bottom type Dimension (mm) Inside Dimension (mm) Temperature (co) DL (kg) RL (kg) C**(lit) SL***(kg) Loading Quantities Wall type Logo option
Jumbo truck Container 40 HC
Nestable container NC1 PS-1208-NC HDPE 17 5L 1200×780×630 1125×690×505 -30 To +40 250 300 785 510 450 Solid Yes
Jumbo Truck Container 40 HC
510 450

NW: Net Weight            SL: Static Load             DL: Dynamic Load          RL: Racking Load            C: Capacity

Logo type Insert/Cliché Size (mm) Long Side (corners) Insert/Cliché (mm) Short Side (corners) Insert/Cliché (mm) Middle Leg
Print Option Embossed Option 200×80