After more than forty years of innovation and experience, with the establishment of one of the most sophisticated factories, manufacturing a wide range of products, we now introduce a new image of individual and group capability. Persian Sanat, relying on brilliant past record of their executives in founding and managing large manufacturing groups such as Razak Chimi, sahel Etehad,  and Tohid Plastic, is fully …


4000 tone super heavy equipment:
Edition the management method, consideration human resources and checking quality with observing the highest standard are most important point in performance the projects. Manage up the data besides using modern machine.

Heavy injection equipment from 700 to 4000 tons beside the benefit of the most advanced laboratories related with plastic industry, potency Practical and scientific expertise are getting there to possible the projects.

Most unique injection equipment in Middle East makes Persian sanat to the best producer of plastic parts with world leaders.

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Using the experiences and update information on the benefit of the expertise and commitment of the main reasons for the difference between the Community industry. 

Scientific perspective and the use of facilities in accordance with international standards is available only abroad. Advanced Labs Technology Forum, related to test all products and parts are made of plastic.


Certificates EN ISO 9001: 2015 

Certification ISO 14001: 2015

Certification ISO 45001: 2018

Laboratory Accreditation Certificate


Integrated Management System Guideline

Persian Sanat Co. is active in field of plastic parts manufacturing through injection method. This company aims at stabilizing the current market and developing its market share more than before and consequently increasing sales inside and outside of the country. In parallel with market developing, paying attention to quality and its continuity is very important. Therefore, in order to reach the aforementioned matters, the following goals are considered:

  • Abiding Customers by satisfaction increase.
  • Products quality level conformity and quality tests in accordance with international standards in order to compete in global markets.
  • Production increase, product variety and development according to modern science utilization, technical science and modern machinery.
  • Increase of productivity though human resource development, with influential education approach, empowering, opportunity making and increasing the motivation level based on performance assessment model.
  • Institutionalizing and promoting HSE culture and human resource protection through education mechanism, promoting skills, creating suitable and full of intimacy working environment free from occupational accidents and illnesses.
  • Saving energy sources, preventing environmental pollution and decreasing waste products in order to protect available resources and wastages management.
  • Contributing all the beneficiaries in health, safety and environment affairs.
  • Management commitment to observe and fulfill legal necessities and other occasions.
  • Commitment to remove all risks and dangers.




In order to achieve aforementioned goals, company activities in addition to covering customers’ demanding necessities, is in accordance with ISO9001:2015  and ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO45001/2018 and ISO14001/2015 standards. The company has changed integrated management system guideline into measurable goals in order to not only ensure its comprehension by co-workers, but also the amount of movement toward these goals to be measurable.

Persian sanat company management by founding a laboratory and quality management system establishment based on ISO/IEC 17025 management standard ensures the quality of manufactured products. Persian sanat company laboratory, regarding international standards for manufactured products, take part in enterprise of quality tests.   

Persian sanat company management has announced its commitment to observe quality and to ensure guideline comprehension and its implement by all the employees and based on ISO9001 standard the company always is trying effectively for customer satisfaction and fulfillment of their requirements.

Also Persian Sanat Company believes in the fact that human forces are the company’s most valuable resource and capital, to achieve the goal of delivering sustainable development services, to have healthy environment and to create safe working environment for employees and optimal usage and maintenance of its equipment, has implemented environmental and professional hygiene and safety management system in accordance with ISO45001 and ISO14001standards.

Managing Director

Seyyed Javad Mirheydari


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