Persian Pallet


Persian Pallet NP 1-3R

A lightweight pallet that due to being nestable occupies little space when it is not loaded and due to its cost-effectiveness, it is used for light weight goods export. Another feature of this type of pallet is its easy manual handling by production line personnel when it is not loaded, another remarkable feature of this is that although this is categorized in lightweight pallets but it is capable of bearing bulky lightweight loads. This type of pallet can also be provided with three runners.

Dimension:                    1200*1000*155

Type:                          Single Surface, 4Way Entry

Weight:                                     9 ± 0.5

Static Load:                              2000

Dynamic Load:                        1000

Racking Load:                          300   

Material:                                   HDPE

Loading Q’ty Ix40’ft HC:      500 Pcs


Technical Specifications

  • Single Surface
  • Ventilated Decks
  • 3 Skid Runners
  • 4-way Entry
  • Froklift Compatible
  • Hand-jack Compatible
  • Embossed Logo Option
  • Stackable
  • One Shot


  • Rim options: –
  • Integration of RFID transponders
  • Logo option: Print & Embossed

Container 40 HC: 500 (pcs/approx.)
Jumbo Truck: 550 (pcs/approx.)

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