Persian Pallet

Persian Pallet IP 5

IP4 Pallet is one of the latest Persian Sanat’s products. It has some special features compared to other industrial pallets which differentiate it from the rest. The most important options are as follow:

– IP4 pallet can be custom-made to particular needs with a wide range of customization choices.

– It can be optimized to fit transports and mechanized systems.

– It has anti-slip plugs or strips made of rubber

– Also, it has 3 types of safety rims (7-22 mm)

Dimension:                    1200*1000*157

Type:                          Single Open Surface, 4Way Entry

Weight:                                    15.5 ± 0.5

Static Load:                              5000

Dynamic Load:                        1200

Racking Load:                          600

Material:                                   HDPE

Loading Q’ty Ix40’ft HC:      336 Pcs


Technical Specifications

  • Resistant against Humidity,enviromental pollutions, chemical acid & corrosives
  • With anti-slip rubber on pallets
  • Ability to print customer logo on the product
  • Productivity in all standard colors
  • Temperature tolerance – 25 to + 45 ° C
  • compatible with hand jack,fork lift, reach truck

Container 40 HC: 364 (pcs/approx.)
Jumbo Truck: 496 (pcs/approx.)

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