Persian Pallet


Persian Pallet HP 1

This type of pallet has struck a perfect balance between mechanical performance and health requirements. This pallet is exclusively made of food-grade HDPE and is considered standard in many industries across Europe. This fully closed pallet has no cavities and ribs, so water ingress and dust accumulation is impossible. It is very easy to clean. Patented welding seam of top and bottom deck ensures highest impact resistance, breaking strength and solid wall thickness High load bearing capacity outstanding bending strength, ideal for roller conveyors or automated high rack systems All runners have chamfered edges on both sides for ideal use with fork lift trucks.

Dimension:                    1200*800*160

Type:                          Single Closed Surface, 4Way Entry

Weight:                                     18 ± 0.5

Static Load:                              5000

Dynamic Load:                        1250

Racking Load:                          1000

Material:                                   HDPE

Loading Q’ty Ix40’ft HC:      550 Pcs


Technical Specifications

  • Single Surface
  • 3 Skid Runners
  • Closed Solid Top Deck
  • 4-way Entry
  • Reinforcement Profiles Option
  • Froklift Compatible
  • Hand-jack Compatible
  • Embossed Logo Option
  • 7mm Safety Rims
  • Stackable / Welded


  • Rim options: 7mm
  • Integration of RFID transponders
  • Logo option: Print & Embossed

Container 40 HC: 550 (pcs/approx.)
Jumbo Truck: 644 (pcs/approx.)

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