Persian Pallet

Persian Pallet ES 1

A Monoblock euro pallet with three integrated runners which is light weight but it is capable of bearing heavy loads in high rack system. It is an ideal pallet for automatic conveyor systems due to its dimension and precise design. this type of pallet with integrated reinforcement profiles is an ideal pallet in the heavy duty category. Its strength and durability makes it suitable for high racking systems and automated process. It is suitable to be used in the distribution network of non-food environments, e.g., in intra-logistics processes, automotive industry and retailers.

Dimension:                    1200*800*150

Type:                          Single Open Surface, 4Way Entry

Weight:                                    12 ± 0.5

Static Load:                              5000

Dynamic Load:                        1000

Racking Load:                          400   

Material:                                   HDPE

Loading Q’ty Ix40’ft HC:      550 Pcs

Technical Specifications

  • Resistant against Humidity,enviromental pollutions, chemical acid & corrosives
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Ability to print customer logo on the product
  • Productivity in all standard colors
  • Temperature tolerance – 25 to + 45 ° C
  • compatible with hand jack,fork lift, reach truck
  • Suitable for automatic shuttle racking and conveyor system

Container 40 HC: 550 (pcs/approx.)
Jumbo Truck: 700 (pcs/approx.)

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