Pallet box lid in dimensions of 120 * 100 reduces damage to the product during transport. The door is made of high-quality polyethylene and covers the entire surface of the pallet box.
  • Integrated locking corners for safe storage of boxes
  • Special grooves for integrated straps

Additional information


1210x1010x40 mm

Box Type

Solid Walls

Loading Q’ty Ix40’ft HC

1300 Pcs



  • The loading and maintenance products for health, safety, fast and easy
  • Ability to use of forklifts, Rich track and hand jack
  • Curved corners to prevent slip-column layout
  • Environmentally in comparison with Wooden Box pallets
  • Long life in comparison with steel Box pallets
  • Very low weight in comparison with steel Box pallets
  • Washable and disinfection
  • Water-resistant, environmental pollutants, corrosive chemicals
  • The ability to produce in different colors
  • Tolerance temperature of -40 to +60 degrees C.


  • Rim options: –
  • Integration of RFID transponders
  • Logo option: Print & Embossed
category Name Previous Name Art No. Material NW* (kg) Bottom type Dimension (mm) Inside Dimension (mm) Temperature (co) DL (kg) RL (kg) C** (lit) sl*** Loading Quantities Wall type Logo option
Jumbo truck Container 40 HC
LID BPL1 BPL1210 PS-1210-BPL1 HDPE 7.5 1210x1010x40 1200x1000x40 -20 To +40 1560 1300 Yes

NW: Net Weight            SL: Static Load             DL: Dynamic Load          RL: Racking Load            C: Capacity

Jumbo Truck Container 40 HC
1560 (pcs/approx.) 1300 (pcs/approx.)