50-liter bin

This bin is suitable for indoor use (homes, offices, schools and hospitals, etc.), and also it is suitable for separation from origin and advertising for all producers (dairies, food products, etc.)

Additional information


1250x500x300 mm


9.8 kg



Technical Specifications

  • Polyethylene trash bin with a lid to prevent the emission of garbage smell.
  • Eco-friendly and long-lasting polyethylene trash bin.
  • Polyethylene trash bin is easy to wash and disinfect.
  • Moisture-resistant polyethylene trash bin.
  • Polyethylene trash bin is produced in various and beautiful colors.
  • Polyethylene trash bin withstand temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.
  • The capability to print the customer’s logo on the product.
Name Art No. Volume (L) Material NW. (kg) Dimension (mm)  Temperature (Co) Option Logo option indoor outdoor
50L PSB-50L-1021 50 HDPE 12.5 1260x296x432 -20 To +40 Yes Yes
50L PSB-50L-1022 50 HDPE 6 1343x296x432 -20 To +40 Yes Yes
50L PSB-50L-1023 50 HDPE 9 1343x690x432 -20 To +40 Yes Yes
50L PSB-50L-1024 50 HDPE 3.7 740x296x432 -20 To +40 Yes Yes


It varies depending on how products are loaded.

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