Persian BOX


Persian Box SB2


Features of this type of pallet box include optimal design, foldability and light weight. The body of this type of pallet box can be folded in only a few steps, which takes up 80% less space and will be very economical for return transport.Additionally it is worth mentioning that this pallet box ,due to having hygienic pallet in the buttom part , is suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries.The material used to manufacture this type of pallet box is food-grade.

Dimension:                    1200*800*900

Type:                          Foldable Walls, 4Way Entry

Weight:                                     33 ± 0.5

Static Load:                              1250

Dynamic Load:                         600

Racking Load:                          600

Material:                                   HDPE

Loading Q’ty Ix40’ft HC:      297 Pcs


Technical Specifications

  • The loading and maintenance products for health, safety, fast and easy
  • Ability to use of forklifts, Rich track and hand jack
  • Curved corners to prevent slip-column layout
  • Environmentally in comparison with Wooden Box pallets
  • Long life in comparison with steel Box pallets
  • Very low weight in comparison with steel Box pallets
  • Washable and disinfection
  • Water-resistant, environmental pollutants, corrosive chemicals
  • The ability to produce in different colors
  • Tolerance temperature of -40 to +60 degrees C.


  • Rim options: –
  • Integration of RFID transponders
  • Logo option: Print & Embossed

 Data sheet(SB2)   


Container 40 HC:216 (pcs/approx.)
Jumbo Truck: 297 (pcs/approx.)

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