This type of pallet is easy to clean and dry due to having a smooth and completely closed deck. HP plastic pallets family offers the perfect combination of mechanical performance and hygienic requirements. Our fully closed pallets have no cavities, which prevent dust from accumulating. It is made of suitable Polypropylene food-grade material, no metal reinforcement is used in its body. Due to not designing runners in this type of pallet, it is possible to use a pallet jack on all four sides.

Additional information


1200x1000x130 mm

Pallet Type


Dynamic Load

1250 kg

Loading Q’ty Ix40’ft HC

550 Pcs



Technical Specifications

  • Resistant against Humidity,enviromental pollutions, chemical acid & corrosives
  • Ability to print customer logo on the product
  • Productivity in all standard colors
  • Temperature tolerance – 25 to + 45 ° C
  • Pallets suitable for food production, medicine and isolated environment (compeletly Closed)
  • compatible with hand jack,fork lift, reach truck
  • Easy-wash, resistant industrial detergents


  • Rim options: 7mm
  • Integration of RFID transponders
  • Logo option: Print & Embossed
Name Previous  Name Art No. Material NW* (kg) Bottom type Dimension (mm) Temperature (co) SL (kg) DL (kg) RL (kg) RP** Loading Quantities Surface type Logo option
Jumbo truck Container 40 HC
HP4 HP1210/9L PS-1210-HP4 HDPE 16.5 9L 1200x1000x130 -20 To +40 5000 1250 650 550 Closed Yes
PS-1210-HP4 PP 16 9L 1200x1000x130 -20 To +60 5000 1250 650 550 Closed Yes

NW: Net Weight            SL: Static Load             DL: Dynamic Load          RL: Racking Load            RP: Reinforcement Profiles

Jumbo Truck Container 40 HC
650 (pcs/approx.) 550 (pcs/approx.)
Logo type Insert/Cliché Size (mm) Long Side (corners) Insert/Cliché (mm) Short Side (corners) Insert/Cliché (mm) Middle Leg
Print Option Embossed Option 105x 95 90 x 80 90 x 80