The plastic pallets used in the food industry

Using plastic pallets in the warehouse
Using plastic pallets in the warehouse

The plastic pallets used in the food industry must strictly comply with food safety standards

Pallet washing

During the use of the enterprise, accidents may occur, causing the pallets to be contaminated.

In the food industry, food is usually stacked on pallets. This is convenient for turnover and transportation, and over time, bacteria may grow on the bottom.

If it is not cleaned in time, it is likely to bring hidden dangers to the safety production of food factories.

This article introduces the cleaning method of food-grade plastic pallets, and hopes to be helpful to everyone.

Tips on maintaining plastic pallet in the food industry

1. High pressure spraying with hot alkaline water, pre-clean the pallet with hot alkaline water of about 80 degrees to dilute the oil dust on the pallets;

2. Brush cleaning, two sets of upper and lower brushes, clean and scrub the upper and lower ends of the blow molding pallet (the number of brushes can be increased according to the cleanliness of the customer’s pallets).

3. Put detergent on the surface of the pallet, wash the pallet with high-flow hot water spray, brush the remaining foam, and achieve the cleaning effect.

4. Spray washing with tap water, spray the pallet after spraying with tap water to further consolidate the cleaning effect.

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