How to choose the right plastic pallet for your product. Be with PersianSanat, the largest pallet manufacture

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Why should we use plastic pallet? What are the advantages of ?pallet

Are you good at hanging wall art? It can be a tricky task trying to get your frame level and finding a stud without damaging your wall. When I needed help, I did what most of us do; I turned to the internet and found a helpful hack. In addition, I learned how to choose the right nail for the type of wall I have. Did you know there are over a hundred types of nails, and only a few are intended for picture hanging.

You could use any pallet to store, ship, or display your product however, with so many pallet options available you should choose the pallet product that saves you money and adds value. PersianSanat’s customer service team can help you choose a palette:

Questions ahead

    1-Which pallet is right for me?

    2-Dose pallet material matter?

    3-How much do pallets weight?

    How do you choose the right tools for your DIY projects, or even at work? At persiansanat we often find in our consultations with customers that many clients utilize pallets because they are a great tool but are unaware that pallets, like nails, vary in size, purpose, and ability. In this article, we will discuss the most common types of pallets in circulation and how to choose the one that is right for your application.

    Upon first glance, a pallet may not seem exceptional. They are all built to protect, move, and store your products. 

    Does it matter if you use wood pallets, plastic pallets, recycled pallets, racking, or stacking pallets

    Yes, the type of pallet you choose can be significant. At Plastic Pallet Pros we offer many styles of plastic pallets including: 

    Types of plastic pallets available in PersianSanat

    1-Stackable Pallets: A stackable pallet maximizes storage and mobility, is stackable, and is stable during transport.

    2-Nestable Pallets: A nestable pallet is an efficient storage option. The pallet nests, or sits one inside the other for storage optimization and cost-effectiveness.

    3-Rackable Pallets: A rackable pallet that can be stacked is lightweight, streamlined for loading, heavy-duty, and maximizes load capacity.

    4-Bulk Bins: Bulk bins are lightweight, collapsible bins perfect for transporting precious cargo and available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

    5-Used Pallets: Our used plastic pallets are verified stable and highly economical sustainable options available in nestable, rackable, and stackable options.

    persiansanat plastic pallet

    A wide range of options in plastic products, including plastic pallets and bins, are available at Persian Sanat. And if you’re like me, you tend to grab the first nail you can find. Use to hang photos, you’ll be happy to know that our customer service team at PersianSanat can help you find the right pallet for your product, application, system and more. You don’t need to know everything about all pallets because with one call to PersianSanat you will be connected to a knowledgeable and friendly expert who knows you need solutions, not sales.

    A little research into how to hang a picture on the wall, and you’ll be decorating your office or home in no time. One call to PersianSanat means you’ll have the pallet you need for your product. Ready to stop using any pallet and shift to a pallet product that helps, not hurts your system?Contact the experienced staff of PersianSanat.

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