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Plastic Box pallet


The company is proud due to the need of various industries, including transportation and logistics, food, agriculture, fisheries, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, household appliances, automobile and auto parts industries, military, broadcasting companies and storage, refrigeration and plastics industry, electricity and electronics, petrochemical, and oil and gas, power and textile industry to produce the heaviest piece of plastic injection plastic pallet box in the grid model and Dvrbsth in Iran.

Contact Office

  • Headquarter office address:NO.1 , 25th Street ,Lashkari expy, Kilometer 10 of Tehran-Karaj highway
  • Tel:  +98 21 44 56 53 00
  • Fax: +98 21 44 56 53 07
  • E-mail: info@

Persian Sanat

After more than forty years of innovation and experience, with the establishment of one of the most sophisticated factories, manufacturing a wide range if products, we now introduce a new image of individual and group capability.
Persian Sanat, relying on brilliant past record of their executives in founding and managing large manufacturing groups such as Sabalan Plastic, Razak Chimi, sahel Etehad, Sahand Plastic, and Tohid Plastic, is fully prepared to present their years of experience and services for implementing varieties of projects with the help of innovative and modern equipment.